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Kamesha Padredes

Staff Writer

I was born 2004, September, 13 My first Jr.High was Granite Park Jr.high. My favorite show is riverdale,and 13 reasons why. I am 13 years old, I was born in Utah, I have two sisters, One of them is 18 and the younger one is ...

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Marisela Sanchez

Staff Writer

Hello My name is, Marisela Sanchez I’m 14 years old I’m in 8th grade, my favorite sport is basketball, also my favorite color is blue & white & gold, the thing that I love about journalism is that I can writing about wha...

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Connor Ekachinda

Staff Writer

HI MY NAME IS CONNOR. I like dogs, my three favorite dogs are Pugs, Bulldogs, and shorkie’s. I like video games. My favorite games are Tom Clancy’s Rainbow six siege, Battle field 1, and Call of duty black ops 3. I have alw...

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Ar Mat Kham

Staff Writer

My name is Ar Mat Kham and I’m 13 years old, I love playing basketball but I never got to  play in a team. I like hanging out with my friend. I have six sibling and I have four brothers and three sisters. My favorite food is ap...

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Anthony Arochi

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Anthony I’m 13 years old I like to play soccer and hope to play professionally someday. I have three siblings, two brothers and one sister, and I’m the oldest. I was born in Salt Lake City....

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Andrew Heimlich

Staff Writer

Hi i am andrew heimlich and i am almost 13 and i love playing video games and school.I love drawing and listening to music.I love playing outside and hanging out with my family and friends.

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Areli Cortes

Staff Writer

Hey, my name is Areli Ocampo Cortes (a.k.a lilly or lilo). I am 12 years old and I’m a student at Granite Park Junior High. I love to play basketball with my friends after school. I used to be in a soccer team but, I left it...

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Annalisa Yupe

Staff Writer

My name is Annalisa and I love boxing I went to boxing for 1 year. My favorite foods are pizza and mashed potatoes I some what love school my favorite subject to do is doing science and english. Because science is a fun class ...

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Alexia Martinez

Staff Writer

I like to watch youtube and netflix a lot. My favorite color is rose gold but my favorite basic color is purple. I am very interested in writing and I think it is a very important thing to know how to do. I want to be a hair ...

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Abemba Uredi

Staff Writer

I'm 13 years old and my favorite subject is science because I can learn all about brain,  cell, atom, and about the world that I live in  the reason I joined journalism is because I want to learn new things like taking pictures...

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David Eakin

Staff Writer

My name is David Eakin and I am 12 years old. I am an artist too. I also like halo red vs blue but more about me I was born in oregon.

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Abdirahman Ali

Sports Editor

Hi my name Abdirahman Ali. Most people can’t pronounce my name so I let them call me Abdi. I was born in Nairobi, Kenya but my nationality is Somali. I live in Nairobi for two years then I moved to America where I lived here f...

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Yusuf Hussein

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is yusuf Hussein. I’m a 7th 13 grade and 13 year old. I’m in mr. brandy’s 3rd period journalism class. I joined journalism class because i wanna keep writing more and improving also i enjoy writing. I wish i ...

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Pedro Chavez

Staff Writer

Hi my Name is Pedro Chavez I like to play soccer and do all kinds of sports. Why I want to be in journalism is because i like to write. My main hobby is to play soccer. Im annoying and i really don’t like to talk much To Ot...

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Mikiah Lunt

Staff Writer

My name is mikiah. My favorite color is green. I love sports. My favorite sport is basketball. I love taking photos but i stink at it. That is why i took journalism.

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Melanie So

Staff Writer

My name is Melanie and I am in eighth grade. I chose to be in this class because I like to write, not that I'm good at it but because I like it. I come from a family of eight, I have four siblings. Three sisters and one brother. ...

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Kaydence Mallon

Staff Writer

My name is Kaydence. I like to do photography, but I also like drawing in some of my freetime. I really love animals, pretty much all animals but my favorite animal is an owl. My favorite colors are blue and teal. I joined jou...

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Kanon Lee

Staff Writer

This is my Biography about me so let’s get started. My favorite color is Blue and my favorite shade is Grey/Black. I love video games, music, and nature. My top three favorite video games are rust, ark, and Battlefield 1. A...

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Hector Garnica

Staff Writer

Hell my name is Hector Garnica. I am seventh grader at granites park my favorite color Is blue and my favorite food Is pizza I  even like to play soccer. I like to share thing about history even world changes that happen. Th...

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Hannah Brito

Staff Writer

My name is Hannah Brito . I am Dominican and Hispanic . My favorite sports are soccer, basketball, and football . My favorite food is all,  I don’t have a specific food that I really like . My dream job is to become a pro...

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Everett Heckel Lopez

Staff Writer

Hi my name is Everett, I like reading and I like doing math. I am 13 years old, I enjoy soccer. Soccer is my favorite sport. My favorite color is green. I have a pretty basic life. I just sit around playing video games. I wanna be...

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Dikshya Dulal

Staff Writer

My name is Dikshya. I was born in Nepal. I am 13 years old ,I am in eighth grade. And my dream job is to become a nurse. I joined journalism because I like to write and take pictures. My favorite sport is volleyball. My favorit...

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Christian Thompson

Staff Writer

Hello my name is Christian Thompson, I’m new to Granite Park, I’m in eighth grade and enjoying this school so far. A little bit about me is I live with my mom dog and brother. We just moved recently and i'm going to be se...

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Anahy Sanchez Olivarez

Staff Writer

Hey my name is Anahy I’m in seventh grade and always have a story to tell. I have three cousins who are the same age as me and I always feel like I have three younger brothers. I was born in December and love snow. “Just keep swi...

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Liannie Paddila

Staff Writer

My name is Liannie Padilla and I am a seventh grader at Granite Park Jr. High. My hobby is dancing I always like to dance. My favorite song artist is King lil G. My favorite color is blue. I have 2 siblings I am the oldest I ha...

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Cho Cho Aye

Staff Writer

Hi my name is Cho Cho Aye. My favorite colors are any kind of light color. I am pretty shy and always nervous. I have many friends. And my favorite thing to do at home is draw, color, and watch movie. My birthday is on 8/24/2...

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Agustin Cervantes

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Agustin Cervantes.  I’m in 7th Grade, 12 years old, a student in Mr. Brandy 3rd period class.  I sadly only have this class on B Days, but even though it’s only been the first two weeks of school, I reall...

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Samantha Morales

Staff Writer

Hey….my name is samantha, I am in seventh grade and I love being a sevy...anyways my favorite color is Dark blue, and my favorite hobby is Singing...and the reason I joined journalism is because it seems really fun and tbh I e...

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Robert Eaton

Staff Writer

Let's start with my name robert j eaton how you pronounce my last name is (Ei TON)Most people get wrong I just roll with it I am from california and I want the experience of a writer so that's why I joined this class to see wh...

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Nae Reh

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Nae Reh and I was born in thailand I am 12 year old and I’m a seventh grader I move here in 2009. I like playing soccer I also like other stuff like playing game, I love watching anime I watch a lot of anime so...

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Monserrat Hernandez

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Monserrat Hernandez and I’m a seventh grader at Granite Park Jr. High. Here’s a couple things about me that you might want to know. I want  to be in Journalism class because I really enjoy writing. One of ...

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McKenzie Hancock

Graphics Editor

My name is McKenzie Hancock, I’m thirteen going on fourteen. I love to read and write during my free time. I also like to play video games and draw. I took journalism because I wanted to improve my writing, and I also love the...

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Zohour Kouda

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Zohour I am 13 years old. I am in 8th grade and I am from kuwait. I have three sister and three brothers. I am nice and I like to talk to people and know about them. My hobbies are sleeping, studying, and drawing...

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John Huerta Manjarrez

Staff Writer

I am John, my favorite color Is lime green or orange. My age Is 13 years old and I like photography and art. I may not draw very great at things, but I won’t stop practicing until I get the hang of it. For me personally, I lik...

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Jocelyn Roberts


Hello, I'm Jocelyn, and uh, Mr. Brandy has informed me to write a few words about myself, for a bio, which he asked the whole class to do. I've wrote quite a few bios in my time, but I typically hate them all, so my goal for this...

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Karla Landeros

Staff Writer

My name is Karla, a tiny sevy. I have a huge obsession with school and notebooks. My favorite color is purple. My hobby is to organize even though I am not that organized. I joined journalism because It is a nice and small class. M...

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