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Student versus teacher wrestling should be considered!

Photo illustrated by Henry Rainey depicting Zephaniah Hoko wrestling Micheal Brandy

Tu'imana Talanoa, Managing Editor

February 4, 2019

You'll have sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, and etc, where they'll do students versus teacher events, but not wrestling. Why is that? Sure it seems logical but, is it due to contact, legal reasons, liability, dunno how to wrestle? Well, there's three common reasons that students and teachers...

Students versus teachers basketball.

Mr. Besler (right) is defender by Karim Cunningham  in the Student-Teacher basketball game.  Photo by Michael Brandy

Tu'imana Talanoa, Managing Editor

January 14, 2019

Almost too many months went by, and it’s the student versus teacher basketball game once again. At Dec. 20th, our school got to watch one of the most exciting games. It was 1st and 3rd quarters for girls, and 2nd with 4th for boys. It was back and forth, scoring after being stuffed harder than thank...

The Wasatch, versus, Granite Park

courtesy of

Henry Rainey, Staff Writer

November 5, 2018

The weather was cloudy and it was about to rain. Granite got off to an with them shooting but they missed. Emanuel kicks it, but the Wasatch goalie blocked and he tried for the rebound and misses by inches. Then Wasatch makes a mistake in the box and instead of shooting and they pass the ball and miss...

The trade between Irving and Thomas

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Mikiah Lunt, Staff Writer

May 2, 2018

Do you think the trade for Isaiah Thomas for Kyrie Irving a good trade? If you look at the stats Kyrie has an average of 25.2 points per game, and he shoots 47.3 percent from the field goal. Kyrie Irving is known for his three pointers, but he only shoots 40.1 percent from the three pointers. Also Isaiah...

Soccer is comprises many leagues

Soccer is comprises many leagues

Agustine Cervantes, Copy Editor

April 18, 2018

Soccer is one of the many of the sports that people love to watch around the world. It is also known as possibly the best sport ever, as of course, it is worldwide. But soccer isn’t just one whole game itself. It is made up of many teams, divisional and national teams, and many leagues of a certain n...

Real Madrid defeats Juventus

Real Madrid defeats Juventus

Abdul Sheikh

April 6, 2018

The Real Madrid vs. Juventus game was on April 3rd, 2018. It was a really important match. It was important because the winner would go on in the Champions League tournament. The score was 3-0. Real Madrid won. But they did not win the league. They have to go against the same team again, and win again....

Jazz take down the Lakers

Jazz players Ricky Rubio (center) and teammate Donovan Mitchell battle for a loose ball against Josh Hart (left) and Julius Randle of the Lakers at the Vivint Smart Home Arena.  The Jazz won 110-117.

Abdirahman Ali

April 4, 2018

Utah Jazz have been really good compared to the standings. Utah Jazz won lakers in a game. The score was 110 to 117. The player of the game was Ricky Rubio. Ricky Rubio scored 31 points. He played for 33 minutes and scored 4 out of 7 of his 3pts. He also got 6 rebounds. The Utah Jazz had 14 turnovers ...

Battle of the Commercials

Battle of the Commercials

Emma Carter and Galilea Brewer

February 14, 2018

The super bowl occurred last weekend. There were many touchdowns and good tackles by players but nothing is better than the silly commercials that aired. The Philadelphia Eagles won. Everyone thought the Patriots would win but the Eagles swooped in and stole the game. The game took place at the U.S....

Barcelona Humiliating Teams

Courtesy of

Abdul Sheikh, Staff Writer

January 30, 2018

F.C. Barcelona is one of the best soccer teams in the world. Looking at the scores, Barcelona only lost 1 game so far. In their last game, which was January 25, 2018, they won 2-0. Their best players are Lionel Messi, and Luis Suarez. Those two are destroying players from other teams, and they were the ...

Teachers narrowly win in a tough battle

Ms. Graybill passes over Gabby Mendoza

Abdul Sheikh

January 24, 2018

The Student vs. Teacher Basketball game was January 23, 2018. There were four quarters. The girls played two quarters, and the boys played two quarters. The girls played first quarter, and the score was two to four. Then the boys played to get the scores up, and they made a lot of points for their team....

Speculations on the NBA MVP unleashed

Courtesy of

Mikiah Lunt, Staff Writer

January 10, 2018

There are so many NBA players that could win MVP. Kyrie Irving this season is doing so well. He has lead his team to the number one team in This NBA season. He is averaging 24.4 points per game, 5 assist per game and 3.3 rebounds per game. He is on one of his greatest seasons yet. Kyrie is finding h...

The NBA’s history revealed

Courtesy of

Mikiah Lunt, Staff Writer

January 4, 2018

On November 1946, in Toronto Ontario, Canada, the Toronto Huskies hosted the New York Knickerbockers at Maple Leaf Gardens, in a game the NBA now refers to as the first played game in NBA history. The first basket was made by Ossie Schectman of the Knickerbockers. The first team to win a championshi...

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