Article 13 strikes again!

A funny way of saying Article 13.

A funny way of saying Article 13.

This article of an article is way overdue and deserves some explanations. Firstly, if you were under a rock for the most part of 2019, which I don’t blame you, Europe’s Article 13 has passed and was a trainwreck. In essence, if you have a cool meme that you’ve worked on, Europeans can’t see it. After reading the legal document for Article 13, their reasoning is ‘weird’, to say the least.

The document can be best summarized, “The EU is afraid that the artist/creators content online, is being stolen. So, we’ve decided to update the copyright policies to try to combat this. To try and find an ‘equal’ balance between the people, and creators. To find a balance, we’re gonna add a filter that goes through the internet, and report it for copyright.” Sure it’s oversimplified, but that’s the downside of being concise. Additionally, they’ve tried this before, for music, and it didn’t go well with the public. Then they ripped off the U.S by saying that you CAN use the copyrighted material if or when you’re in an educational environment.

Amazingly, people from Europe decided to combat this meme drought by getting VPNs, moving, and the dark web. Plus, the people who voted for Article 13 regretted it, as Innocenzo Genna, the chairman of Innovation and Growth Committee, states, “A majority of policy-makers in the European Parliament ignored the concerns of more than 5 million users, civil society, the UN special rapporteur on freedom of expression, creative SMEs and startups, innovative media and publishers, and the Internet industry at large.”

Not to be a fear monger, but if the EU is having more stricter control, who says that the U.S will not follow suit? I assure you that anyone would rather have an unfiltered internet than one where every word or phrase overlooked by government.  As Youtube says, “Article 13, as written by the European Parliament, will create large unintended consequences for everyone. Let’s come together for a better solution.”