Stupidity at its finest

Courtesy of Twitter user, jaz9095.

Courtesy of Twitter user, jaz9095.

You probably think that you’ve done some stupid things, but these people take the cake for most stupid. I got all of this information from Collegehumor, who got it from Reddit, but anywho, onto the tales. This story was titled, “I’ve never been more proud of you son.”

“I once said, Mom look at me I’m in a cartoon. I then proceeded to jump on a wood handle rake that was laying on the ground. It sounded like thunder went off in my head, and my mom said it sounded like when a Major League Baseball player hits a home run. I had a concussion, and learned that day that I am in fact not a cartoon character.” Well, you can thank Reddit user Zero08821. Luckily ladies and gents that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Next up is a story by user bguzewicz, “When I was like 12 I found out golf balls bounce extremely well on pavement. So obviously I wanted to see how high I could bounce it. I threw the ball as hard as I could straight down, and it ricocheted straight back up. Directly into my face.” Come on we’ve all done something like this, probably not with a golf ball though.

Third is a story by Reddit user ChunkyMunky666, “When I was 10 I saw this cool magic trick where you soaked a dollar bill in rubbing alcohol and the alcohol burns off and your dollar bill stays intact so stupid 10 year old me was home alone one day when my mom left me $20 to order food with I ended up soaking it in rubbing alcohol and burning it causing it to disintegrate into ash immediately.” Well I bet his/her parents weren’t happy.

This is one of my favorites, this story is by Reddit user justtosubscribe, “Someone asked me what time it was and I lifted and rotated my wrist so I could look at my watch. I was holding an iced tea and just poured the whole thing into my lap. I wasn’t wearing a watch. I didn’t even own a watch. Never have.”

Finally a story from user Scoldingice, “I used to drink cans of soda by stabbing them with a push pin/thumbtack. If I just pulled it out there would be a stream of wasted soda. So I would pull the tack out with my teeth while creating a seal with my lips. One time I accidentally swallowed the tack. One emergency room visit and a few x rays later I was sent home to dig through my poo. I was 14.”

So as you can see there are some dumb people out there, and if your any one of these posters Why? Finally thanks CollegeHumor and the Reddit users  that they got these stories from.