You’re a good person… I hope.

Courtesy from Princeton Press and David Edmonds.

Courtesy from Princeton Press and David Edmonds.

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Imagine this, you’re in a trolley on an one-way track to two lanes: First lane leads to five unsuspecting construction workers that cannot hear you, nor do they notice you, yet another lane is a knocked out kid not ready to face the consequences. You, a trolley controller, can kill the five construct workers, or a knocked out kid, who’ll you choose? Hard, isn’t it? However, let’s change the scenery. This time, you’re a passerby watching a trolley cart about to crash into the five workers, or the knocked out kid, but there’s another passerby nearby. The passerby is a big man, you can give him a push into kicking the bucket but saving the six people, or just watch out of morbid curiosity. This is a famous example of a moral dilemma; where it’ll test your morals. (If you have some.)

Another example of this ‘trolley problem’ is that you’re a special doctor in a small hospital by yourself. There are five patients that came in, their names: Nava, Mana, Henry, Chase, and Brandy. The first four came in for a simple doctor visit, while Mr Brandy, a person that discovered how to cure cancer, is missing many important organs. Your organ donation is out of stock, yet you can still save Mr Brandy by doing something atrocious; stealing organs from Nava, Mana, Henry, and Chase. Would you really do that?

The last example is that one morning, you wake up to a phone ringing. You obviously answered, and a person says this, “Hello, I’m right now holding three people captive: Your mother, father, and a Joe that recently discovered a way to space travel, but forgot to tell you or anyone how. However, I’ll reluctantly let go your mother and pops- or the poor Joe. Catch is, your decision will show across the world. You’ll be seen as a cold monster, or a fool that set back the human race for a very long time. Additionally, you have five minutes to decide. However if you don’t do it in time, both of them will perish; making you look like a indecisive idiot. Choose wisely my dear friend.” Paternal bonding, or human progression, your move.