Youtube showdown! Pewdiepie versus T-series!

Currently, there is a ‘war’ going on on Youtube, famous, and popular youtuber Pewdiepie is days away from being taken over by another Youtube channel named T-Series: T-Series is an indian music company, in case you didn’t know, Pewdiepie is a popular gaming, and reaction youtuber. Pewdiepie currently has 87.5 million subscribers, while T-Series has 86. The reason this is such a big deal is, many see this as a symbol of larger companies taking over Youtube, and some are simply angry at the thought of their favorite youtuber losing his crown.

Of course the main thing I’m going to talk about is Youtube, being taken over by large companies, as there are some drawbacks. First, people who had spent years maybe even a decade to get to the top, and earn their money through the platform, suddenly poof, it’s gone. Secondly, this likely means either Youtube becomes an app that cost money, or the large companies will sell their entertainment, through the platform making it less accessible.

Of course though the reason most people are involved, is for the memes. With people making radio announcements, buying huge billboards, creating tv ads, and more, while all telling people to subscribe to Pewdiepie. Honestly though, I know and many others including Pewdiepie himself know that it’s really not a huge deal, as most likely T-Series becoming #1 isn’t a symbol for anything.