Article 13 could destroy the internet as we know it

Courtesy of Meme.

Courtesy of Meme.

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“What’s Article 13?” Article 13 is a tightening of copyright laws nicknamed, “The meme ban”.

Article 13 was given this name because it bans all images, clips, and any part of original copyrighted work. Even if the clip, or image shows the copyrighted material in a good light. Article 13 would even ban online review that criticizes the copyrighted material, and helps the production company to make a better, more appreciated movie, show, etc. Yet even with all this criticism, Article 13 managed to get passed and is in the final stage of development. You might be thinking why should I care? Well your favorite viewing sites, and apps will lose a lot of their content because of this. Take the popular viewing site youtube for example. Youtube isn’t going to waste their time putting in a copyright detector that bans things from people in the UK, but not from people in the U.S. Instead they’re just going to copyright strike everything that breaks article thirteen.  Youtube would then become a large sharing site for large companies not, people like Markiplier, or Pewdiepie. People using youtube for what it used to be, would be punished with a copyright strike. Instead large companies like Disney would take up most if not all of media sharing sites.

In my opinion article 13 is not necessary.