Student versus teacher wrestling should be considered!


Photo illustrated by Henry Rainey depicting Zephaniah Hoko wrestling Micheal Brandy

You’ll have sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, and etc, where they’ll do students versus teacher events, but not wrestling. Why is that? Sure it seems logical but, is it due to contact, legal reasons, liability, dunno how to wrestle? Well, there’s three common reasons that students and teachers generally agreed on: Number one is that teachers cannot touch students, or how Delia H. would put it, “A teacher cannot manhandle a student in school… certain awkward positions,” additionally by the massive difference of their weight classes, and that by Ms. Fun, “Students don’t really put on deodorant and teachers don’t want to get close to them.”

To start off, sure teachers can’t handle students with physical aggression, but how come coaches can? Yes, coaches can wrestle the wrestlers, and even the opposite sex, yet in most sports, coaches aren’t allowed to really come in contact with them. Sure they’ve signed waivers from students and such, but it’s still physical contact no matter where you look from it.

The weight class issue is undeniable, yet it really depends on who joins the wrestling, if it’s mostly burly kids then let them break a leg or two; however some teachers shouldn’t be involved, not gonna say who.

Obviously, there are some issues that couldn’t be solved, like the less involvement with other students, needed materials, and the teacher’s ability to even do such a thing, you get the point. Yet it brings up another question, where do you draw the line of what students and teachers could play together, and could not?