Students versus teachers basketball.


Mr. Besler (right) is defender by Karim Cunningham in the Student-Teacher basketball game. Photo by Michael Brandy

Almost too many months went by, and it’s the student versus teacher basketball game once again. At Dec. 20th, our school got to watch one of the most exciting games. It was 1st and 3rd quarters for girls, and 2nd with 4th for boys. It was back and forth, scoring after being stuffed harder than thanksgiving. It was one heck of a game that I would love to see the game again.

To recap, 1st half was a small comeback for teachers and was tied before the 2nd half. When 2nd half came, it was absolutely amazing: Steals, turnovers, fast breaks, you name it. Plus, Mr Besler carried the team with those easy two pointers. Although Mr Besler have some influences in changing the game to their favor, the teachers were generally playing fast breaks and dependent on steals. While the students offensively played what looks like a five man out, and plays a XBOX 1 for dead balls. Defensively, they’re an average albeit a usual 2 3 zone defense.

If you’re wondering how or why I know this for some odd reason. I’ve played a bit of basketball, and suffered 1 wins to 2 losses while knowing the usual plays. Additionally, before this student versus teachers event, Mr Dilley has a fun comment,

“They had more turnovers than a bakery.” When talking about the student’s overall performance, before game.