The Wasatch, versus, Granite Park

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The weather was cloudy and it was about to rain. Granite got off to an with them shooting but they missed. Emanuel kicks it, but the Wasatch goalie blocked and he tried for the rebound and misses by inches. Then Wasatch makes a mistake in the box and instead of shooting and they pass the ball and misses, Granite gets a free kick but they passed it yet the player inside the box shot and missed. Wasatch then scores a long shot from outside the box and it’s now 0-1. Out of nowhere Innocent scores and ties the game 1-1. Then he scores another goal, causing Granite to win 2-1. Halftime comes and the coaches talk to the players about strategies. Then the game starts up again but Wasatch scores early in the 2nd half, the score is now tied at 2-2. No one scored yet, but then Wasatch scored with only 4 minutes left so Granite was worried, the score is 2-3. But then a miracle happen, the Wasatch goalie stepped out of the box and gives Granite a chance, Alex steps up to the ball, shoots, and he scores. Regular time ended and the score is now 3-3, causing them go to penalties. Wasatch goes first, and misses. Granite shoots and scores, while Wasatch shoots and scores. Back and forth they go, shooting and scoring yet, Wasatch and Granite both missed the next penalty. Wasatch misses the penalty, but Granite shoots and scores. They win the penalty shoot-out and the game.

The game was the longest and most interesting youth soccer game that I have ever seen because it had the suspense and drama every soccer game should have and the penalties were very dramatic for the fans and players.