The inside scoop into Inside Out


(Credit, Image courtesy of Pixar.)

This is a story about my favorite movie Inside Out, this is a classic movie that is not to old or new. Now I was in my living room for family night when a big light appears and then me and my family get sucked into the movie Inside Out. I thought I was in someone’s head or mind, and I thought I was in Riley’s Mind! Then I look at myself and my skin is yellow, I’m Joy and was I with my family? No, I was with my friends from school. One of my friend was Anger which was Daunte, then one of my friends was Disgust which was Lexy. Another one of my friends was Sadness it was Mya, Fear which was David, and Bingbong was Aydin.

I asked Lexy what we were doing here, and she did not know. So I look to see what was going on the outside and it was dark, so maybe Riley was taking a nap. So later on I come back and I see a moving truck and I flip out. “We are moving! That makes me mad!” Daunte said. “I hope Riley does not start a fire.” said David. “No green food!” Lexy said. “I hope it rains.” said Mya. “This is going to be fun you guys!” I said.

But then I thought I want to change the story! So I called in Bingbong but when he came, he knocked out all the core memories!  Everyone tried to get one core memory but then something odd happened the core memories changed color! Then when I tried to change the core memories back to yellow, they just stayed the same. Except for one which I was holding, which was when Riley was born.

“I’m so sorry this happened, I think we might need some help” Bingbong said. Then I called a Fluffy Unicorn, but when I did it was too late. Because all the islands were down but we had to give Fluffy Unicorn rainbow mentos, because he was here too early. And then Master sushi gave us a goal, because all the islands were down he said, “if you can turn the core memories back you can go back home.” So then we had to go to Bingbong’s home to get the magic wand to turn the core memories back. And I woke up in my bed with all my family behind me.