Racism a Term that isn’t as Black and White as it Seems


Photo by Nava Sharma

Left to right: seventh graders, Ian Termunde, Henry Rainey and jess Negetich write stories during Journalism class.

Racist is a term we all hate to be called as, especially from people who work in public speaking, like politicians [except for some], youtubers, and so much more. But, what does it mean you? After asking over sixty people, there was a general trend with a few exceptions but those were the cream of the crop. But before I go into depth, if you’re not at all into reading a essay. Then here’s a splendid quote to summarize, “Racism is simply a thing that should not exist, skin color, voice, and general dialect should not determine that person’s personality or interests,” [Arigato Some Shmuck]

Then after three handfuls, the general trend was that racism is about judging or being mean at a person due to their skin colour and race. But, I’ve found three exceptions that gives me a new angle that I love to share. But, of course, I’ll not say the names for privacy reasons.

“Shielding yourself from other people problems.” This quote is spoken very eloquently, and brings to light a unique angle that I haven’t heard before.

“Base on money… if you have money they’ll treat you different, but that doesn’t mean that racism aint a thing if you have money.” This, reminds me of how OJ was treated, and I like that; It’s simple and informative.

“Trump” Not because of political reasons. [Even though I enjoy debating about it.] It’s just humorous, and I like to share it.

But, aside from all that, I think racism should be better define than what dictionaries give. Racism is where people mistakenly, or purposely, be offensive to another by insulting the other’s colour/ethnicity and is not a personality, but is from past experiences and insecurities. In all honestly, were all human,we should look past our colours and be treated not as just races but as individuals. If you have a different view and or critique, respond to me in anyway you want.