Snitches don’t get stitches at Granite Park

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In my opinion, I wouldn’t expose the wrongdoers. When being born and starting to grow up, we tend to see things and in our minds and we think it’s okay. A reason of why I think people still do the wrong thing is because they were never told to stop what they were doing. If a child does whatever they think is okay without anyone telling him/her anything, they would start doing wrong things for their life and this could start to affect other children with their behavior. Thinking that it’s okay to do what they do now.
By exposing a person, it only turns the situation around. If the person doing the wrong thing were to be exposed, they wouldn’t care as much about what others say about him/her. Yet the person doing the wrong thing at a young age, they would more likely to listen and stop doing what was wrong. I’m not saying that the people who were doing the wrong thing wouldn’t listen but whenever they do so, they would more than likely start to listen and stop doing what they were doing.