Worst duo in history’s careers finally end


Courtesy of inverse.com

In the year of 2017, the Paul brothers made a huge come back after the app Vine had shut down. After vine was officially dead, they went for the next best thing, youtube. At first for most kids, they knew Jake Paul from his show on Disney channel, “Bizaardvark”. However, his brother Logan did not receive the great success that he did in the beginning. Each of their net worths has grown drastically. But recently the Paul brothers have received a large amount of hate and animosity from young children but especially the young viewers’ parents.

First, let’s talk about Logan Paul. He started off as a Viner, social media star, director, actor, and a mentor to his little brother Jake. After he got on youtube and started producing video blogs he began gaining hundreds of fans every day. With him gaining all of this fame and popularity he got very cocky and started to rampage with his group of friends. He started to pull all of these ridiculous stunts and pranks. At first, he was a great entertainer to people all across America. However, he started to provoke things that weren’t kid friendly. For example, he started saying things that were degrading towards women and performing incredibly dangerous stunts.

As if logan paul wasn’t bad enough, he had the audacity to film a man in Japan who had committed suicide in a forest. Logan had also used the picture of the dead man in the thumbnail. Obviously, the YouTube company took action immediately and removed the video. The YouTuber was said to have been suspended from making videos. However, he continues to make and publish these videos without suspension. The “Suicide Forest” is considered a sacred place due to the passings that have occurred in the location.

Aside from logan making a fool out of himself and his friends, his younger brother Jake has caused a large bit of controversy as well. Ever since the start of his group of friends who call themselves Team Ten, Jake’s house has turned into a madhouse. Before moving to another location, Jake had allegedly leaked his address for fans to come visit him. This caused a large disturbance to his neighbors, it ended up getting so bad that they had called the cops on Team Ten. Following the path of his older brother, Jake performed some pretty dangerous stunts. As an example, he filled his pool with things and burned it all. Knowing that most of his viewers were young children, he performed the idiotic stunts anyways. In the past, he has been known to have either staged or negligent relationships. Sometime last year, Alissa Violet was in a relationship with Jake. After being kicked out of the Team Ten house by jake, Alissa released a video on youtube that explained how Jake was constantly bringing home other women to the house. In another instance, Jake and Erika Costell were in a relationship. Everyone seemed to think that it was a real thing. However, they both later came out with a video saying that it was a publicity stunt. Later on, the two continued to make videos together and now claim that they are in a serious relationship.

Even now, Jake and Logan Paul have fans. However, some parents have gone as far as not allowing their children to watch the two brothers. One parent states “He’s a very bad influence. He makes little girls look up to him, and he thinks that he can do whatever he wants on video, without even caring one bit about how much it would influence the viewers.” On the website, common sense media on kid says “I think kids need to wake up and realize that this guy is a bully with a serious egomaniacal problem. He seems to disregard his own ” friends” and causes them to be placed in embarrassing and sometimes dangerous situations.”