Immigrants are a scapegoat for America’s many problems


Courtesy of Pixabay

Have you ever wondered what the word immigrant means? Well, the word “immigrant,” means a person who comes to live in a foreign country permanently. The world is basically full of immigrants, and without them, this country won’t be the same as it is right now. ICE is literally separating families and friends, we as a nation have to stop this. If you don’t know what or who ICE is, I will tell you, “ICE” is a “U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement”, based to protect national security and an upholding public safety. ICE is a federal agency that basically deports immigrants that have spent their lives living here, working hard to help their families, trying hard to get a better job, spending time with their family, because their scared that one day they won’t see them again. Donald Trump is demanding results of DACA and ways to end DACA, “DACA” is Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, meaning that it helps children that came here really young live here permanently.

DACA is based on undocumented children who traveled from there home to a new foreign country like the United States, DACA was made to protect children from getting deported and to live their life without trouble, to go to school, and get a career. Most people say that this country is amazing, leads you to achieve anything, but what we are doing is nothing compared to that. We as a nation are treating immigrants as not people but as something else, most people are treating immigrants like they don’t belong. Immigrants have rights too, they deserve to have a chance. People blame so many things on immigrants, for example  there was a car accident this year, where a football player got in a car crash and suffered bad injuries that caused his death, Donald Trump stated it was just “disgraceful” for a latin immigrant to drive drunk and kill an NFL player, but what I believe about this is that it could’ve been another person in the car driving drunk. Donald Trump doesn’t see what others do, he believes that all immigrants are bad, but they are not, because if Donald Trump sees an accident an “immigrant” caused he thinks and compares all immigrants like that person who caused the accident, but what if it was an American who caused that accident, he obviously wouldn’t say anything because of course, that person isn’t an “immigrant”. According to Mr. Pettit, he feels bad that they are leaving because he believes this place to be the safest country, to come in.

Mr. Pettit stated that this country is mainly immigrants, that Americans weren’t the first people to come to this country, it was the Indians, the “Native Americans” who created this nation. Mr. Pettit says this is the land of the free, but he also states that no matter how free this country can be, there still has to be laws to follow. According to Mr. Pettit the accident that happened with the NFL player, and how Donald Trump stated in one of his tweets, “ ‘So disgraceful that a person illegally in our country killed @Colts linebacker, Edwin Jackson. This is just one of many such preventable tragedies. We must get the Dems to get tough on the border, and with illegal immigration, FAST!’ ” Mr. Pettit states its “ ‘unfair how  Donald Trump puts other immigrants into a situation they didn’t do.’ “

According to Mr. Raty, The United States is more of immigrants than Americans. Mr. Raty states that we as a nation should figure out a way to stop immigration, to find bad criminals and send those people away, not innocent immigrants who come to the United States, for the right reasons. As stated by Mr. Raty, “ ‘Granite Park Jr. High, is a school that has students from different countries, students of a different race. GPJH doesn’t have many Americans, this school has more immigrants, but immigrants or not, that won’t change the way teachers will treat their students.” My thought for that was, without “immigrants” what would this state feel like? Would it feel empty, “yes”. This state has immigrants that help so much, that work hard and that end up achieving in life, but without them, this place won’t feel the same. It would feel lonely, sad and cold. Immigrants aren’t bad, they are good people looking for a place to fit in, and I believe people should get to know them better, to recognize and see that there just like us.