The trade between Irving and Thomas

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Do you think the trade for Isaiah Thomas for Kyrie Irving a good trade? If you look at the stats Kyrie has an average of 25.2 points per game, and he shoots 47.3 percent from the field goal. Kyrie Irving is known for his three pointers, but he only shoots 40.1 percent from the three pointers. Also Isaiah Thomas averages 28.9 points per game, and he shoots 46.3 percent from the field goal. Isaiah Thomas shoots 37.9 percent from the three pointer. Kyrie has been one of the best Cleveland Cavaliers players for a long time and then he traded to the Boston Celtics.

Isaiah Thomas was from the Boston Celtics. He was one of the best players on that team. He was overall, a good player. He was small but very fast and able to get through people quickly. Isaiah Thomas was a very good player for the Boston Celtics. We got some few answers from people who we interviewed.”I think the sport basketball is good because it has cooperation and teamwork,” said Mr. T. 8th grader Tyler Clark had his opinion about the trade. “I think the trade is good for Boston but bad for Cleveland.”

Will Kyrie Irving adjust? Bear in mind that this player is so confident in his own abilities, he would rather leave James and a better title shot so he can play his game without criticism. Maybe Irving will adjust on his own, or maybe perhaps even probably his coach, Stevens’ ability to communicate his philosophy will get through. It’s an important factor because ball movement is central to Boston’s success. The Celtics were second in passes per game last season (the Cavs were 26th), though Irving averaged only three fewer passes than Thomas.