Battle royale game recently became popular with the masses

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Nowadays, children are all stuck to electronics. A lot of children are pretty much addicted to gaming systems, such as PS4, Xbox One, and PC. What makes the game so addicting is the ease of use because is free and you’ll need is internet PC or console. A huge genre that’s been blowing up for gamers, is Battle Royale games. One amazingly addictive game is known as Fortnite Battle Royale.

Fortnite BR is a game where 100 people will fight to the death, till there is only one left standing. You’ll be sent to a deserted island with plenty of towns in “Battle Bus”. This Battle Bus is basically a flying bus, since it has an air balloon equipped on it. You could open a map of the island, chose a spot to go to and dive out the bus, skydiving to your chosen location. Once you land, you only have a pickaxe, which can be used to break stuff for material. After landing, you must look for gear such as weapons, shield potions,  healing cosmetics, and of course, ammo. You also want to check the map regularly, since there is a safe zone you must be in, and you have a short amount of time. Outside the safe zone is a “storm”, which will close onto the safe zone in 3 minutes or 2. If you are in the storm, you will slowly take damage as you stay in the storm. As the storm gets smaller the damage increases. This storm will keep on shrinking onto smaller and smaller safe zones, till there’s no safe zone left, unless the game is won before the storm takes up the whole island. After you get your gear, it is necessary to harvest for materials like wood, brick or metal. These are the materials that exist in Fortnite. Anything in the game is basically breakable. Building, trees, rocks, structures, furniture, cars, or anything that’s standing can be breakable besides the ground. After doing all of these things, you should decide to build a base. This is a recommendation, which many players do. Others just run around, hoping to get kills. After building the base, your objective is to fight off the opponents until you’re the last one standing. Once you are, you win the game. A message deploys on screen congratulating you, “Victory Royale!”. There’s also many more features on the island, but you should find that out for yourself!

But there’s still more! Fortnite BR also has others modes so you can group up with buddies, such as Duos, and Squad of 4 players. Sometimes, if think you don’t look good on the battlefield, you can buy skin, gliders, emotes, pickaxes, or backpacks from the item shop. They cost V-bucks, which is Fortnite money. These can be earned throughout Save The World, but you don’t earn much. You can also either buy them with real money, or from the Battle Pass! The Battle Pass is something that you can buy with V-bucks, where it will give you many cosmetics, such as skins, pickaxes, V-bucks, and many more for free, just for buying the Seasonal Battle Pass. Also, this battle pass can only earn you things with leveling up tiers with “battle stars”. These battle stars are earned throughout daily or weekly challenges. Anyway, there are many more features for you to discover about the game, so go on and join the amazing Fortnite BR community!