Soccer is comprises many leagues


Soccer is one of the many of the sports that people love to watch around the world. It is also known as possibly the best sport ever, as of course, it is worldwide. But soccer isn’t just one whole game itself. It is made up of many teams, divisional and national teams, and many leagues of a certain number of teams and types of professional teams, such as Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Liverpool, and Barcelona. There are also hundreds of amazing players out in soccer, trying to make it up to the top, even over, but the two greatest right now would be known as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Here are three of some of the amazing leagues out there.

One of the most famous and most-loved leagues is the Premier League. The Premier League is made of divisional teams usually, 20 teams competing for the top place. The teams are mostly European or English teams but made up of many different kinds of players. The most championships won in this league are 33 titles, which is basically known as the cups they win, and these 33 titles were achieved by Manchester United. Is was founded in 1992, on February 20th. This League is also known as the “top level of the English football league system.” It is a major league, as it has as many as “13,612,316 attendances” throughout its history. 13 million is a lot, especially for a soccer league.

Another well-known and majorly watched league, La Liga. This league is named in Spanish, which means “The League”, translated into English. This league can also be known as The Primera Division,(First Division in English), and it is also the “top professional association football division of the Spanish football league system.” This league is also made up of 20 teams, just like the Premier League. The most championship titles won, are 33 titles by Real Madrid. Even though Real Madrid have their leading score, you might think Ronaldo has quite a lot of goals, but the top goalscorer in this league is Messi, where he has 373 goals. Quite amazing.

Now, one that is the “top level of the Mexican league football association,” Liga MX. This league has different kinds of Mexican teams, along with their own Spanish names. This league may also be known as “Liga BBVA Bancomer”, which is also its sponsorship. BBVA Bancomer is a majorly known Mexican bank, which “dominates 20% of the market.” Unlike the last two leagues, this league is made up of 18 teams, just two less. There are two teams that hold the most championships, where they each have 12 titles won in total. Guadalajara and America. These teams are basically rivals, as where they compete and fight over to be the top of the Mexican football league system. Wars will always rage about arguing who’s better.

In the end, these leagues keep soccer being amazingly competitive and exciting. Not to mention the 2018 World Cup coming up in summer, July.