World to end on April 18th


On March 13 a Twitter account by the of @strayedaway posted a video of a voicemail he got from an unknown number. This voicemail said a bunch of weird words like Alpha, Bravo, and Yankee. Ty, the guy that tweeted the voicemail later found out that the words are part of the phonetic alphabet. The voicemail translated into “Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate be cautious they are not human SOS danger SOS” then followed numbers that were later translated into coordinates. Other users then started piecing things together. User @ErMahoney6 said the coordinates(04° 29’ 33”  s 96° 42’ 30” E) where very close to where the Malaysian Flight 370 went missing. Then user @Uzumaki said this voicemail could have been the plane’s black box recording. A black box records the last interactions with a plane. Then Ty got a message from a twitter user saying to “end the post you just shared about the recording on your phone” in Indonesian.The user than deleted their account and made another in the same name and tweeted a bunch of numbers ( 1.18.5 41818) that translate into “THEY ARE TAKING OVER ON April 18 2018”

This conspiracy is pretty far fetched, but there are some parts of it that leave you wondering. First who sent the voicemail? In an interview with popular youtuber and conspiracy theorist, Shane Dawson, Ty (stayedaway) said, “…it was a real voicemail. It was 100% real I really received it… I took a screen recording of it and posted it online…I was just hoping someone would tell me what it meant.” Shane then asked if he thought it was a friend trying to prank him and if he knew anyone that would, ”…I don’t think it was anybody close to me, because the people that I would think would, you know play a prank on me, they would have told me by now, especially with all the attention it created.” Since tweeting the voicemail he has received a lot of hate from people being homophobic and telling him to go kill himself. Shane later went on to say “…he didn’t do this and doesn’t deserve hate,” Ty has since deleted the account stayed away and has a new account called HOMOC1DE.

The whole thing could have been a prank that went too far, but that doesn’t explain Malaysian flight 370. Flight 370 went missing about 4 years ago with 239 passengers on board. The thing is nobody knows what happened to the plane for sure. There are countless theories about what happened to flight 370 from mechanical errors to terrorism. After 4 years none of the 239 bodies have been found and only 33 pieces of the plane have been found. Think about it, how does a huge plane with 239 people on board? This flight was weird enough without this new theory.

I then asked some students about what they thought about the world ending and the conspiracy theory behind it.

Have you ever heard of this theory and what do you think of it?

Diana Velaszquez said,”No, I haven’t heard about it. I have a lot of things going on”

Angeles Alfro said,”I do believe it, but it’s probably not going to happen..”

Whether you believe the world is ending or not. This elaborate theory is still something to think about. Enjoy your last day on Earth.