Be careful what you eat, you could get sick!
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Be careful what you eat, you could get sick!

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Foodborne illness can make you sick. The symptoms are abdominal cramps, fever, vomiting, and nausea.

Keep food cold like vegetable, fruits, strawberries, and chicken, hot foods should be hot, cold food should be   

cold. Wash your hands to prevent bacteria and parasites ,salmonella can be in your body. Foods you can

Get eat leave out it is bad for you it was been setting out because it will have bacteria and salmonella for setting

fit out.

Intestinal parasite are parasites that can infect the intestinal tract of humans and other animals. Bacteria

Can get you the bacteria is one of the cells bacteria  constitute a large domain of prokaryotic. Salmonella is a

genus of rod -shaped gram negative bacteria of the family enterobacteriaceae. This cell can cause foodborne

Illness to get you sick so keep cold foods cold  and hot foods hot. Parasite are kinda like bugs that can inside

You. sick of foodborne illness can cause by consuming contaminated cause by bad foods or by leaving food

Or beverages they are many different type of foodborne illness like giardiasis. Foodborne illness may  cause

death  and be careful what you eat like raw food and dairy products and bacteria can get in your food.

he type of can get foodborne illness is meat like fish and the dairy product is milk. Foodborne illness is just and

food  poisoning so wash your hands watch what you eat just cook at home put your fruits and vegetables in the

friger the symptoms of foodborne illness are nausea and vomiting,diarrhea, abdominal cramping fever,

Headache,dehydration and blood or pus in the stool. Food occasionally unsafe soft cheese and salad for the

Salad bar, unwashed berries and grapes,sandwiches. this is some foods that can cause foodborne illness

The safe food are cook eggs and milk, washed fresh or cooked fruits  and vegetables.the temperature make

Sure that foods and cold and hot food cold need to be cold hot food  need to be hot. you can get sick -people can

Foodborne illness  very easy like soup and after you eat and in 24 hours or more hours it can have  bacteria

Just leaving food overnight  or at the restaurant and the food are sitting and the fan it on but sometime the

people make fresh food or if you onder the at the restaurant like king buffet or panda express  but the food is