Turns out all Pixar movies are connected

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Turns out all Pixar movies are connected

Courtesy of Pixabay

Courtesy of Pixabay

Courtesy of Pixabay

Courtesy of Pixabay

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The Pixar Theory combines all the movies Disney Pixar animation has created and formed them into what is called “The Pixar Universe”.  It goes through a timeline which explains how they connect. It all starts through the movie Brave.

During the 14th or 15th century is where it all starts. In the movie Brave, Merida wishes for her mother to accept her how she is. Merida loves archery but her mother wants her to be a perfect princess. Her mother claims that archery is not meant for a lady to practice. So Merida gets mad at her mom and goes out to the forest. Merida finds the Will-Of-The-Wisps, it’s a type of magic with an appearance of a small ball of blue fire or light, and she follows them to a little house. It turns out it was a witches hut. The witch is very old and carves bear sculptures. This witch also has an ability to travel and disappear through doors. Animals start using the magic of the Will-Of-the-Wisps and start acting more human like. This would be how superheroes would start to appear.

After some years pass by (in the Pixar universe), around 1950s and 1960s, superheroes are maintaining peace in the world. Superheroes’ powers are amazing but only some people have the power to be a super. Buddy, Mr. Incredible’s supposedly number one fan, creates A.I self serving robots and zero point energy that sooner into the time, toys would be taking advantage of.

That brought us to Toy Story 1 and 2. Around 30 years later in the Pixar universe, 1997, toys start using the zero point energy that Syndrome used. Toys spend so much time with humans that when they are alone and away from human contact, they feel resentment  towards their owner for “abandoning” them. We can see this in Toy Story 2 when Jessie talks to Woody about her previous owner. She thinks that all kids are the same. In the film she says “You never forget kids like Emily or Andy, but they forget about you.” The toys start having their own feelings like hatred or happiness towards humans, but at the same time animals start doing the same which leads us to “Finding Nemo”. During the time, it is discovered that humans are polluting the Earth.

At this point, animals are also getting organized. It wasn’t long before animals started having schools or even a freeway system as we can see in Fit experimenting on animals. Dory, in Finding Nemo, is a forgetful fish and she may had been through experiments. As the animals are getting aware that humans are polluting and stealing fish, they start growing resentment like in Toy Story. As this happens, animals are getting very curious and start growing human like characteristics.

Since animals are getting more familiar with the outside world and develop human characteristics, they can even think as like a human.  In Ratatouille, Remy finds out he loves cooking and he already can do human like things, like walking on his hind legs and washing his paws. Remy starts interacting with a human, Linguini, and controls him by pulling his hairs. This is the first time we see this in the Pixar Universe, animals controlling humans. Since animals already don’t like humans, Remy’s rat clan doesn’t like the idea of him interacting with humans. They hate and fear humans.

Toy Story 3 toys hates humans for throwing them out and treating them like trash. Lotso, the hugging bear, hates humans for how his old owner, Daisy, treated him after she lost him. Daisy had replaced Lotso with another one of him. Toys are being emotionally and physically hurt. We can see the abuse in the caterpillar room, where Lotso had placed Woody and his friends. Lotso tries to take care of the toys which proves that the toys are ready to take over. Carl and Ellie tell Andy to get rid of his toys because they are aware of resentment the toys feel. In Andy’s room we can see a letter that was signed by Carl and Ellie.

After Ellie dies in the movie Up, Carl is forced to give up his home to BNL corporation which is heavily polluting the Earth. To prevent from giving up his house, he flies with his house to Paradise Falls, somewhere in South America where he had promised Ellie they would go to. When Carl gets to Paradise Falls, he met the famous explorer Charles Muntz who Ellie and he had idolized and admired since they were kids. When Carl met Charles Muntz, Charles had made devices for his dogs that allowed the dogs to speak. This is where the revolution would start and animals would start taking over.

After the war between animals and humans, humans had won with the help of their machines. The Pixar Theory states,” However since machines helped humans win, it tipped the balance on earth.” This basically means that the machines over populated the world and humans had to flee into outer space on the the spacial ship called Axiom in the movie Wall-E, to prevent human extinction as described in The Pixar Theory too.  

The machines had taken over already. These machines were the cars from the 2006 Disney Pixar movie “Cars”, Cars are now taking care of the Earth. Due to the energy that cars need to be running on themselves has put the earth on an energy crisis. In the Pixar Theory it quotes, “Allinol corporation was using green energy as a catalyst for a fuel war in order to turn cars away from alternative sources.” Using the green energy as a catalyst would slowly disable the racecars. Apparently, Allinol was owned by BNL which was polluting the earth and disabled it for every source of life.

Since the earth was unable to sustain life, Wall-E was the the only machine able to survive due to his obsession with the human culture. Wall-E and his interaction with another form of life, the cockroach, were able to keep somethings going on earth. This proves how bugs were able to find a way of to survive. Axiom already had left for centuries and now they depend on the machines they have on their ship. Wall-E and his loved one, Eve, are now on a mission to save the earth and humans with a the only source of plant life.

That plant later in time becomes a strong healthy tree, which actually ends up being the tree in the movie “A Bug’s Life’’. Now, because bugs learned to survive like the cockroach in Wall-E, the bugs in ‘’A Bug’s Life’’ have a longer lifespan than a couple of weeks. An ant in the movie even confessed that he felt 90 again. This is because the pollution that BNL caused led to radiation which mutated the ants and bugs lifespan. Ants are aware that it’s dangerous to leave the island because of larger predators, yet they don’t mention humans because there are only a few after Axiom returned to Earth.

The radiation caused the animals to evolve into monsters and they accidentally got rid of human existence. Monsters had founded a university about 1400 years later where they were falsely taught that humans were toxic and from another dimension. They were told this because they were afraid that they might go extinct. Sometime later they found out that humans were they are source of energy in order to survive. Later they made machines to let them go into times where humans still existed. This is where they met Boo.

When Boo befriended Sully, she never forgot him and she got obsessed with knowing what had happened with him. She tried learning how to time travel and actually learned how to do it.She learned to time travel through wooden doors like how the monsters did and ended up landing during the time ‘’Brave’’ was happening. Though Boo learned how to time travel, she didn’t know how to determine what time period she would be arriving at. This means that Boo traveled to many time periods just to find Sully, and ended up leaving the easter eggs in the movies Pixar has created.

So to conclude, the Pixar Theory is how magic that during the 14th century led to zero point energy and took over toys. Toys and animals become super advanced that they get to a point to where the can feel emotions. The animals start developing human characteristics and they are ready to take over the world because they are mad that BNL is polluting the environment. The animals lose because of humans advanced technology machines. After a while, the machines(cars) over populated the earth and humans had to evacuate in the spacial ship called Axiom. Cars are controlling the world but they start having an energy and radiation problems that were caused by Allinol, which was owned by BNL. The world turned inhabitable and only Wall-E, a cockroach, and one small plant remain. Wall-E helps the humans plant the life source and the started living in earth again. The cockroach that was with Wall-E during the time radiation affected the world was a sign that bugs learned to survive longer. Their genes mutated and that is why the bugs in A Bug’s Life have a longer lifespan than a year. Animals mutated even more that they eventually turned into monsters. Monsters accidentally wipe humans off the face of the earth but discover that humans are their power source. Now monsters have to go back into time where humans still existed. This is when Sully the monster met Boo. After Sully meets Boo, she time travels and tries to bring back sully. Ends up that when Boo was time traveling, she ended up at the 14th century and turned the queen to a bear when she tried to convert her into Sully. This means that Boo from Monster Inc. Is the witch from brave.

The pixar theory is a little bit complicated and there  is much more to it. For example, Coco can also fit in the Pixar Theory too and many other films Pixar has created, but this is just the basic. There are many videos and articles on the web for anyone to find out more about the Pixar Theory or any other theories.