Real Madrid defeats Juventus


The Real Madrid vs. Juventus game was on April 3rd, 2018. It was a really important match. It was important because the winner would go on in the Champions League tournament. The score was 3-0. Real Madrid won. But they did not win the league. They have to go against the same team again, and win again.

Two goals were scored by people’s favorite, Cristiano Ronaldo. He had a crazy goal,  scored a bicycle kick. The other one, he just touched the ball and it went in. He scored two amazing goals. The third goal was scored by Marcelo Vieira, Real Madrid’s  midfielder. He is from Brazil. He plays with Neymar Jr. It was a scary game because the teams knew they had to win to go on in the Champions League. Both teams played well. But only one team succeeded.

They will play again for the second leg, which means, If they win again, Juventus will be out of the champions league. If Juventus catches up to Real Madrid’s score, 3-0, and they pass them, they will go on in the Champions League tournament.The next match is April 11, 2018. Make sure to watch it everybody.