Which Came First: Easter or The Egg?


   Easter occurs this Sunday during spring break. People start buying baskets, candy, plastic eggs, and peeps. However, this holiday is the most important holiday in the Christian Church because they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is the oldest Christian holiday. This event is held between March 21 and April 25. Easter isn’t fixed on a date so it moves around dates between March 22nd and April 25th.

   We hide eggs for Easter because it is known as an ancient symbol of new life. It has been associated with festivals celebrating spring. For Christians, easter eggs are believed to represent Jesus.The origins of the Easter bunny are unknown, nobody knows where the Easter bunny was created but historians believe that German immigrants from the 1700s created the big furry bunny who hops around giving kids candy.

   The estimated money spent on Easter each year is 14.7 billion dollars, that means that 130 dollars are spent for each individual house. The number of jelly beans eaten on Easter could circle the Earth three times. 120 million pounds of candy are sold during Easter each year. What do you eat first on the chocolate bunny? Well, about 76%  of people eat the ears first, 5% eat the feet/paws first, and 4% go for the tail first.

   Decorating eggs on Easter day was traditionally a symbol of the empty tomb. This tradition is called Pysanky. Earlier in time Easter baskets looked like birds nests. The White House holds an annual holds egg hunts on the front lawn, it was created in 1878.