Homeless people are people too


Why do people treat homeless people so bad? Don’t you think they’ve been through enough? They live on the streets; they don’t have anywhere to sleep. Why be mean to people who already have enough to go through? I know for a fact homeless people are nicer than well off people, because when I was younger I was at the mall and I was walking around and my mom was right there but she is a lighter complexion then mine so I don’t think she knew. She came up to me and said, “Do you know where your mom is? Are you ok.” I wasn’t that old so it didn’t really make me feel any way back then but after she walked away she was sitting on the corner and she had all her things and they told her that she had to leave and she couldn’t be there with all her things.   

*I would give them food or tell them to go to the shelter” said Helen Bakideh.

Marisol Pimentel said she would simply tell them “no”.  


In 2008 302,009 or 44 percent were employed after being homeless. There are states that you can be homeless and get back on your feet. Some people in 2017 and 2018 are lazy and don’t really like to do anything. So I can understand why people wouldn’t want to give them their money sometimes, because a lot of the time you go back and three months later they’re in the same place or maybe even high. Also maybe people don’t know how it feels to be homeless and they don’t know what they go through.

“Yes absolutely people treat them bad because they have no power, No I wouldn’t give them any money because most of it has to do with drugs or alcohol. I don’t think they get treated badly I mean who treats them bad?” said a Mr. Brandy a teacher at GPJH.

Andrea McDonald said “I would be very upset because think go get a job and those people really might be trying but cant go get one”.