Feminist demand more than equality

Feminist demand more than equality

Since 1963, women all over America have been complaining about the unequal rights between a man and a woman. Somethings that feminists have fought for can be reasonable. For example, women voting rights, women owning property, education, being financially independent, and so many more things.

Speaking as a young woman who somewhat believes in certain equalities, I think Feminist groups all over America have taken protesting a little too far. Feminists have been around for many decades. In more recent years however, Feminists have been complaining about things like being disabled and being bullied. Believe it or not, men get bullied a lot too for being disabled. Statistics state that 23% of men are bullied physically and threatened. Meanwhile, only 19% of women are being physically bullied and threatened. Some protest because they’d like to “be a better role model for their daughter.” I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that protesting isn’t being the best role model. Isn’t protesting fighting, and isn’t fighting bad?

Not only have the deranged thoughts of some of these women already gone overboard, but now they’ve taken their personal hygiene to another level. Feminists all over the country have stopped shaving due to their apparent “ Lack of freedom” to their bodies. Although if they chose to shave, it is them making that decision. Not someone telling them what to do. Since the year 2014 people in congress have done a lot to make 468 restrictions as to what women can and can’t be told to do. This would mean that even now, in 2018, women are fighting for something they already have.

Some of our first feminists may have been empowering to our generation, but today, feminists are the complete opposite of empowering.  Instead of encouraging the girls and women of tomorrow, they victimize our whole gender. Andrea Dworkin, a feminist says, “ Feminism is hated because women are hated. Anti-feminism is a direct expression of misogyny; it is the political defense of women hating.” If this is victimization, I don’t know what is.

If feminists aren’t busy complaining about equality, then they’re complaining about wanting to be treated like a man. Although the second that a man makes a feminist pay for dinner, they flip out and become offended. Even though feminists complain about wanting to be treated like a man they can’t accept the way that things change around them. Life from a man’s point of view is completely different than a woman’s perspective of things. This is just something that feminist women need to get over.