The greatest mental help, a friend

Photo courtesy Sanier Swanigan

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 Friendship is not just for fun. To be real friends with someone you have to love them, and just because you guys get in one fight doesn’t mean you guys just stop talking. You have to work it out and talk about it or else of course your friendship is going to end. Also you can’t let someone get in the middle of your friendship!

“Yes I lost a friendship, she chose her other fake friends and her boyfriend over our friendship. It didn’t affect my life at all, I just said BYE. No, I wouldn’t change anything, our relationship was pretty good. We only fought one time and that’s how our friendship ended. Only one time I talked to a person she didn’t like but she did it back to me,” said Maggie Salazar.  

If you and your friend get in arguments, like, all the time, maybe it would be best for you guys to not be friends, because that’s not a healthy relationship. Another thing is if your friend keeps tabs on what they have bought for you or what they have done for you, they are not really your friends because a friend will do anything for you and not care because they know if they need something you will be there.  Also if your friend is making you do things that you don’t want to do, you shouldn’t hang out with them as often.

“Yes I lost a friendship, these girls are not loyal. I should have cut her off because she was negative and I don’t like negative vibes around me. The reason we stopped being friends was because she wanted to be more loyal to her boyfriend and she thought I was trying to ruin her relationship. Cutting her off took a lot of unnecessary drama out of my life so it just made my life better. I should have listened to my long term friends and not new people. Yes we argued a lot to the point I almost put my hands on her. Yes, I think she was jealous just because she’s a jealous person. Yes, I talked to other people she didn’t like, but I didn’t care because I already had those friends,” said Nina Sina.

Friendships are lost all the time, but you should at least put some effort into keeping it. But if it’s making you have bad thoughts or want to do bad things, you need to drop that person real quick.