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Is your music giving you a hearing condition?

February 12, 2018

Illustration by Kaydence Mallon

Illustration by Kaydence Mallon

If you can hear a ring or buzz in your ear you may have condition called tinnitus. This condition is caused by listening to music at a high or intense volume. Research states that 30% of teens have this condition, and the percentage is rising. If you have ever shot a gun without ear protection and heard a ring in your ears, or have ever watched a movie or T.V. show that has a scene similar to this situation, the ring you hear from both of these scenarios is the same ring you hear if you have this condition.

Tinnitus takes place in the outer, middle, or inner ear. You can’t cure tinnitus but there are some treatment options for it. You not only hear a ring or buzz, but you can also hear a whooshing, humming, hissing, or whistling in your ear as well.

Emberly Coyt’s answer to my question, do you know what tinnitus is, was no. When I asked Emberly how loud she listens to her music she said, “Loudly, but not all the way up.” I also asked Emberly if she ever hears a ring in her ears and her response was, “Yeah, after I listen to my music.” I then explained to Emberly what tinnitus is, and she feels like she does not have the condition.

Erik Plazola also said he doesn’t know what tinnitus is. Erik listens to his music at a low-medium type volume. Erik’s response to my question of if he has ever heard a ring in his ears was, “Not really, but sometimes.” Erik also believes he does not have the condition, after I explained what it is to him.

A lot of kids listen to their music pretty loudly, but still quite a bit of kids or teens don’t. When listening to music your volume should be at 70% maximum while using headphones, when not using headphones you can turn up the volume depending on how close your ears are to the device. If you want to avoid tinnitus just be careful and keep an eye on your volume.

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  1. mckenzie hancock on February 13th, 2018 11:34 am

    Worth it.

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