Teachers narrowly win in a tough battle

Liannie Padilla
Ms. Graybill passes over Gabby Mendoza

The Student vs. Teacher Basketball game was January 23, 2018. There were four quarters. The girls played two quarters, and the boys played two quarters. The girls played first quarter, and the score was two to four. Then the boys played to get the scores up, and they made a lot of points for their team.

Mrs.Christiansen and Mrs.Mijarez got silly stringed, while they were singing opera. They sang happy birthday, because the kids that silly stringed them had their birthday coming up. The girls and the Lady staff were  really fun to watch. They did good and they were fun to watch. Ms.Graybill was playing really good, she made some points for her team. When the boys were playing, Mr.Mitchell blocked a kid without even jumping or trying. That was really fun to watch. When the girls played, Ms.Wilcox blocked a girl, that was entertaining also. While the boys were playing the final quarter, the bell rang, so the kids had to go home. They stopped the match and waited for the kids to leave, then they played on. So the kids did not see the full match. But at the end, The staff beat the students. One of the teachers did a 3 pointer on the last quarter, when there was 11 seconds left.  So after all, that was a good show, and really fun to watch.