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Has Tumblr gone too far?

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Tumblr is known as a blogging website where people can post what they want, anything from fashion blogs, to political opinions and art, but in the fast few years it has slowly gotten worse and worse as if a plague was slowly killing it, first there was the TCC (True Crime Community) on Tumblr which had both normal users who had a fascination with serial killers and a different type of user who fetishised serial killers and justified the actions of people like Dylan Klebold who committed the Columbine shooting by saying that he was just a tortured soul who was suffering but now there is something even worse than TCC called the tumblr shoplifting fandom.

The shoplifting fandom is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a tag (now under the tag liftplay and liftshop and most likely moving to a new one, but liftshop is the one where you can still find actual thieves))where a group of mainly young girls have whole blogs dedicated to showing off things they have stolen from both small businesses and big marketing places like Walmart, most of the time these people post pictures of hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars of equipment, none of these items are something that the person needs anyway, like bread or water, most of the time these items are material based, things like jewelry or makeup, which most of these people sell for cheaper on either their own website or user based businesses like Ebay or Etsy.

¨I think it´s wrong for people to take other people’s hard earned goods.¨ Officer Leetham said, agreeing that shoplifting is bad.

¨It makes finding my job easy, that’s what we call stupid criminals.¨ said Leetham about the community on Tumblr.

There are also occasional role players who post random pictures of things they ¨stole¨ and find people that will either play as cops who ¨catch¨ them or another ¨thief¨ but these people are rare and while most of them tag ¨roleplay¨ in their tags they are actually mostly real thieves who don’t want to be caught in the recent banning and calling out of the people who do admit to their thievery.

But even with the accounts being banned there are also people who defend the thieves by saying that a few hundred dollars won’t do anything and want to get a safe space for these individuals by claiming that we are discriminating against them when we get them banned and that it could hurt their feelings, which in itself sounds ridiculous when you consider what is being said and the subject matter.

This could have potential consequences as well, Walmart is known to be a place where people of lower income can shop and get things that they wouldn’t be able to afford elsewhere, and it also just happens to be one of the main targets of this community, and with new people joining it every week, we might see a raise in prices when the CEOs lose enough money, which these people claim is a good thing because they are showing the ¨establishment¨  to not mess with them, which actually doesn’t do much because in the end it would end up hurting the poor people they are claiming to side with or it might even affect the employees who might get their pay lowered or might even lose their job completely .

Another big problem with this is that some of these people don’t even target big companies, who can handle the lost money to an extent and instead go after small companies who won’t have any security cameras to even be able to see the thief and can suffer greatly, since they are mostly companies who are barely able to stay open anyways, sure stealing from them is easier, but with even just a small amount of people stealing from their store these small businesses could close down.


2 Responses to “Has Tumblr gone too far?”

  1. Connie Burgett on June 11th, 2017 1:47 pm

    I love this story! I agree completey.


  2. Party City on August 22nd, 2017 12:01 pm

    I did not finish reading your story so if by some chance a claim I make is not accurate please do not take offense. Not all of Tumblr is like this. Why not bring up some good points and statements. Tumblr is not just a bad site. Tumblr can make people happy in their day to day to day lives. Instead just bringing up the parts you did, why not mention how there are blogs where self harm is glorified. How about we focus more on these blogs or the anorexia glorification blogs.


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Has Tumblr gone too far?