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Feminism is a relic of the past

Women no longer have to fight for equality, so feminism is no longer needed.

May 2, 2017

If someone reading this has gotten on Tumblr recently, they’ve probably heard a lot about feminism, which used to be the belief that men and women should be equal. Back in the day, this was really beneficial to women, because men had a lot more rights than them back then.

First wave and second wave feminism really did accomplish a lot back then, such as fixing the real wage gap, or giving women the right to vote. But third wave feminism has completely shattered this movement’s credibility. They are now talking about things like the “pink tax”, or the wage gap. But these issues actually have reasons for existing, or simply don’t exist at all.

When people look at the charts that “prove” the wage gap, they aren’t looking at one male and one female who have the exact same job, they are looking at the average earnings of men and women. The reason that when looking at both genders average earnings, women earn less, is because on average, more men go into science fields, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields, and other high paying jobs than women. Women on average take more lower paying jobs, such as cosmetology. It’s not sexism, but the difference between what men and women are interested in. If someone could find an actual case of a woman getting paid less for the exact same, not similar, but the exact same job, then they would have an actual case of sexism.

The pink tax, is where women have to pay more for items at store. When watching videos on this topic on YouTube, they usual have generally similar items, soap, razors, shaving cream and other skin and hair care products. The problem with this, is that men and women actually have different skin. According to The Fashion Spot, women have thinner skin that can get cut and damaged more easily, and Men have more thick skin, which is injured less easily than women’s. This means that they have to pay for entirely different items. Two razors may be from the exact same brand, look exactly the same, and even feel exactly the same, with the only visible difference being the color, but the real difference is what’s going on up top. Since women have thinner skin than men, they need a special razor with mechanics that don’t cut their skin. If a women were to use a razor meant for men, she would probably end up with legs littered with cuts everywhere. Same with shaving cream. Women need a special type for more delicate skin. I did find one that actually stumped me for quite a while, bringing me to the conclusion that this company was actually sexist. There were two bikes on Amazon, one red, and one pink with glitter, and the pink glittery one was a lot more expensive. Then, I found a video on youtube by Shoe0nHead, entitled “the pink tax” where she talks about this exact same bike. She found that the pink bike was a special edition bike, and the red bike was meant to be a unisex bike that you could buy for a boy or a girl. So if someone wanted to get their daughter something special, you would have to pay more, which makes a lot of sense. Check out that video by the way, it’s pretty good.

They also talk about this thing called “mansplaining”, which is a combination of the words “man”, and “explaining”. Whenever a man tries to explain something, a lot of feminists will say they are mansplaining, and don’t listen to their argument. I saw something on the CNN the other day in which they were talking about the pink tax. So they went to a laundromat and got two shirts for a man and a woman, which in this case were actually almost exactly the same, and they got both shirts pressed. When they got the receipt, they saw that the price was higher to get the women’s shirt pressed. When they asked what the reason for the price difference was, the guy at the counter gave a pretty good explanation. He said the men’s shirt has a special machine because it has an easy shape to press, and they needed to hand press the woman’s shirt because it has a different shape. The news anchor then proceeded to completely ignore the guy’s explanation. She didn’t yell at him for mansplaining though, so that’s always a plus.

One of the biggest things feminists talk about is “the patriarchy”. This mysterious entity is like the Illuminati, but for feminists. This organization is the one creating all this imbalance for women. They are the people who take away money from women’s salary, and they are upping the price on women’s skin care products, which is stupid, because, if the patriarchy really exists, what’s the point of solely making women pay more for these items? If I were the patriarchy, I would be taking money from both men and women, as to not give myself away. Oh right, they take away from women because sexism. Duh.

Overall, I personally feel that in the western world, feminism is not needed. Women have equal rights to men and are not oppressed in any way nationally, at least that I can think of.


8 Responses to “Feminism is a relic of the past”

  1. Donny on May 3rd, 2017 10:15 am

    You’re truly a god among men….


  2. Zamolodchikova on May 3rd, 2017 11:26 am

    Malcolm, I agree with your opinion that women should be treated equal, which makes complete sense. Let’s go back to when you were talking about the razors though. I myself, as a biological female women have used both a men’s razor and a women’s razor. You stated that if a woman was to use a men’s razor her skin would be ‘littered’ with cuts. Again, as a biological women who has used a men’s razor, my skin was not ‘littered’ with cuts. Maybe my skin is different but I highly doubt it. Another thing I’d like to point out before i stop wasting your time is ‘The Pink Tax’ sure that bike might have been more in price but when it comes down to it, the glitter probably adds a few extra bucks to the plain red paint. Not all women enjoy pink, so not all women are going to buy that bike. Now please note that I respect your opinion completely and i am not against it, I am just stating mine, which seems to be necessary to Mr. Brandy. I would normally state more, cite more information and attack this article to the next level, but sadly I have other things to write. Hope this is informing to you and you don’t completely feel offended. Have a good day, Merry Christmas.


    Connie Burgett Reply:

    …and a happy Hanukkah.


    Zamolodchikova Reply:

    oh yeah, forgot that


    Malcolm Reply:

    I may have been a exaggerating on that point just a bit, but both gender’s skin is definitely not exactly the same. Women’s skin truly is thinner than men’s skin. You might have noticed that on the news they have been talking about how “the air conditioning is sexist”, and how women get colder when the temperature drops inside during the summer. This, is the result of the difference between both men and women’s skin.


  3. Jeff on May 8th, 2017 12:21 pm

    Jeff is not an eighth grader. Just a little hint ;p.


  4. Cornflakes on May 8th, 2017 7:14 pm

    your article very riveting, I agree feminism is a relic of the past and everyone who believes in feminism is either a total nutjob or just stupid. in the end, just eat some cornflakes, it will make you feel better


  5. Elijah on May 11th, 2017 10:33 am

    I completely agree with this article but I think it should have gone a bit more on how feminists preach that all men are misogynistic.


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