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A-staffers play by a different set of rules

April 29, 2017

“Does the A-Staff have more privileges than the other students at Granite Park Jr. High?” Some think they do and others just feel it’s part of their responsibilities.

The A-staff receives privileges like using their phones in class, getting out in the middle of the class and being in the halls without a vest.

“Yes, I think they do get some privileges, for the most part,” said Granite Park Title I instructional coach and peer leadership teacher Mr. Rhinehart. “And yes, it’s fair, because they have to film for the film class. And sometimes they go out in the hall without a hall pass, but sometimes there may be things where there was no need of these privileges.”

Some of the teachers are trying to help Mr. Pettit with his students.  The A-staff has more perks than the average student, but they also have more responsibilities.

“Sometimes Mr. Pettit can’t control the A-staff all the time, because he has other classes to take care of, but we always want to help Mr. Pettit by controlling them and giving them consequences,” said school counselor Ms. Ballash.”

Eight-grade A-staff student, Rosine Nibishaka, checks over her gear before filming

Photo by Maryam Jasim
“The A-staff students have privileges, but they have more rules to follow,” said A-staff advisor Mr. Pettit. “They have some privileges like to use the yellow vest, because they need to film outside my class as well. They can use their phones to take pictures or videos, so we can use throughout the year.”

There are some others school groups that get special privileges, like Peer Leadership, the GP Gazette and MESA that allows them to be in halls or carry cell phones without the consequences of the regular students. If all these students handle  their privileges maturely, then the extra benefits will continue.


4 Responses to “A-staffers play by a different set of rules”

  1. Ben Huerta on May 11th, 2017 1:14 pm

    That’s not entirely true, we can not skip out on classes like English, math or science. We also have to get the teachers OK before leaving class.


  2. Keri Graybill on May 17th, 2017 1:12 pm

    Interesting article, Maryam. I think the main reason A-staff has a “different set of rules” or “perks” is because they have a higher set of expectations to live up to as compared to non-A-Staff students. It’s not all “fun and games” being an A-Staffer – it’s a lot of responsibility and work. I like what Uncle Ben, Peter Parker’s – aka Spiderman, uncle said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” This quote perfectly describes the A-Staff kids and their situation.


  3. abdirahman ali 7th grader on August 22nd, 2017 12:24 pm

    this story would be better if u told us what MESA is


  4. David on August 25th, 2017 10:37 am

    I think we should have cell phones in school because if there’s a shooting or a calamity like that then we can contact our parents to pick us up. also for if we need a translator.


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