Taco Bell is an oldie but goodie

Taco Bell is an oldie but goodie

Last week, I went to the Taco Bell in South Salt Lake that is just down the street from the school on State Street.

They gave us the right order and the right drinks. I got a Nacho Supreme and a Mountain Dew Freeze. I feel like they added too many beans and not that many nachos. They could’ve put more cheese and meat in my meal. The Freeze was also really good. I normally ordered the Starburst Strawberry, but they didn’t have anymore of that one.

They did an amazing job otherwise. It may not be a very fancy restaurant, but I really like their food. If I gave them a rating on a scale 1 to 5 I would give them a five. Students should try Taco Bell, because sometimes It’s really good. Some people don’t like Taco Bell, but that’s okay.

My family and I always go there in the summer we just have a great time eating and spending time together.

I live really close to Taco Bell, so I normally just walk there. They have many things that people could choose to eat and also many drink options.

Many people dislike Taco Bell. Maybe it’s because sometimes they have weak service or they mess up their order. Sometimes it’s because of their meat or other things. I’ve never had them mess up my order. Yes, they may have a few mistakes, but not so bad that I noticed it. The local one that I live by doesn’t have a lot of customers.

When I went to this Taco Bell last week, I found out they were closing. I really don’t know why. Maybe they are making it bigger or they are going to remodel it. On Sunday, I went to go see it and they had already taken the logo off and their menu was all bare. Maybe they’re getting rid of it for good. That Taco Bell has been there since I was born.

So it’s probably time for that Taco Bell to go.


Location: 2165 South State, Salt Lake City, UT 84115 (closed for remodeling)

Teen friendly: Yes